Congratulations on your decision to buy a SPC POWERCLUTCH

You now own a high tech, powerful tool, which with appropriate care will prolong the life of your clutch even in extreme conditions.
Read this information carefully before installing the product!
The work, as prescribed in this bulletin must only be carried out by an authorized dealer, as otherwise all warranty claims will be void.

The SPC Powerclutch kit, as you find in the box, is intended to replace the factory clutch kit which was originally installed in your motorcycle.
Total thickness of the kit and shapes of the plates should be the same as you find in your motorcycle.
If you have any doubt, contact the seller!
For details reference your service manual’s instructions on removal and installation.
After taking out your original clutch plates, start filling up your clutch with the SPC plates.

Very important:
Start filling up with a steel plate, followed by a friction plate.
The last plate to be filled should be a steel plate again!
Finish assembling your clutch as described in the service manual.

Very important:
To ensure a long clutch life, we recommend you replace engine oil and oil filter three hours after your first trip.
After that, engine oil and oil filter should be replaced every six hours.
Use a quality brand for oil and oil filters!