about us

Being involved for more than 20 years in powder metallurgy, in 2014 we initiated some tests with the sintering of clutch drive plates, which were very promising.

Although heavily improved over time, OEM clutches are still a fragile part of a sport motorcycle. That is why the Sintered Motorcycle Clutch became our target development product.

We obtained a European patent for our ideas.

The development route to eventual mass production was a long journey, getting the production processes under control, and finally being able to start supplying the first SPC Power Clutches during the second half of 2024.

Following the launch of the SPC Power Clutch, ongoing development will continue, with a target of a stronger matrix, more friction, and smaller and indestructable clutches.

Without doubt, this product is going to change our view on sport motorcycle clutches. And not only motorcycle clutch performance will improve. Also automatic gearboxes for cars and many industrial purposes will enter a new era !

The SPC Patent is owned by C3 Sport Sro, a company, registered in Czech Republic.

A word of thanks to the teams for their ongoing support during the years of development. Our team of developers, producers and distributors:

Delta Braking BV The Netherlands Europe
Procom/Electrosport Aliso Viejo (Ca) USA
Delta Braking Canada LP Quebec Canada
Procom Engineering Ltd XiAn China